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Commander Ikari from one of my favorite animes – Evangelion.
I’m a fucking weeb. whatever.

This post has a point, mostly to share my excitement over my new position as a security analyst in incident response. Basically, I spent my whole childhood idolizing people in these positions, and here I am. The best part? Having the opportunity to be called INCIDENT COMMANDER during an incident.

What is an incident response team? An incident response team refers to IT professionals within an organization who prepare for and react to any type of emergency. Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). This is a team of professionals in charge of handling cyber threats and vulnerabilities within an organization.

It’s weird going from space cowboy to section 9. In my previous role, I was an IT generalist. I caught anything that came my way. This gave me a pretty good background in IT, I know a lot of stupid shit but I never really specialized in anything. Now I am focusing on something that I find really fascinating, cybersecurity.

But it’s not only cybersecurity. It’s investigative work. I much prefer solving technical mysteries than say – patching a windows server at 3am or re-imaing a desktop for the 100th time. The security industry has a lot of hidden secrets that I’m slowly uncovering.

Neo asleep at his desk. Scene is about 29 minutes in
Ever see the Matrix? Wake up. The matrix has you. Follow the white rabbit

Knock knock.

Hopefully this keeps my interest for another 10 +years. I’m surrounded by smart people, and am very happy to be on a team. Looking forward to busting bad guys and honing my skills.

Passed the PMP!


I started this journey in May – that’s 4 months of my time after work, 30 minutes to an hour a day. I credit my wife giving me a good luck charm to passing. This was the most grueling test I had to take, 200 questions! It was quite the endurance test and took me over three hours. I have to admit, I was pretty giddy when the proctor called me a project manager. Jokes on her, I am an IT Manager. HA!

Materials used

I bought pm prepcast exam simulator but I just coudln’t do the 200 question test in 1 stiting. The questions I did take looked to be very close to the exam. College course material from 2016 that was meant to prepare students for the CAPM

Introducing Baby Taco

Back in 2017, I survived an ordeal with cancer. I had a procedure done called an RPLND. Don’t google it. Basically, they opened me up and removed a majority of lymph nodes in my abdomen. This also left me with a condition called retrograde ejaculation. Long story short, I couldn’t knock up my wife without some pricey procedures my health insurance wouldn’t cover.

So instead of moping about it, we got to work. And guess what? Nature DOES find a way. Check it out. We got a healthy baby – 19 weeks old!

If you can’t quite make it out, baby taco’s face and hand is on the right

I am very proud of my wife – I think her determination to have a baby superseded my inability. What an amazing woman!

If you would like to know the gender….me too! We’ll announce that soon. For now, we’re sticking with the name baby taco, If you want to taco bout it, or want to add to my repository of embarrassing dad jokes, I’ll be here.

Monthly challenge complete

Kind of went like this

First week: What the hell am I doing? This is unproductive

Second week: More scripts…scripts for everything

Third week: Let’s make a GUI for the scripts…is that cheating?

Overall, I am finding that I can do stuff faster working in the command line, but also security features such as MFA can put a road block in things. Azure being the money sink that it is, would allow me to run scripts from a service account or from specific IP addresses if I had an E5 subscription, but I am still a zero-dollar budget frugal-admin by heart, so I decided to opt out of that.

Python…what can I say? I set up a gns3 enviornment and was able to crawl through some router configs. That was amazing. Automate the boring stuff! I’m hoping to bring everything more over to *nix environments now that .net core is available.

Overall, I may continue doing this, but some things are just faster with a GUI. is my next project, I’ll be taking all these scripts from my gitlab and throwing them into a GUI possibly.

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Ubuntu 19.04 – Disco Dingo review

So after my disappointing experience with Ubuntu 18.04, what does canonical do? Well they released 19.04 on April 18th!

18.04 straight out of the box did not support my laptop due to the Intel HD530 skylake graphics being … atrociously bad as usual.

But 19.04 installed flawlessly, and I am again enjoying Ubuntu as a desktop experience. The computer goes to sleep, is fast, and supports my NVIDIA card right off the bat! I am amazed with how far the linux desktop has come, and I am even able to play GAMES on it now without the use of wine (the program, I still enjoy a good cab while scripting).

Overall, the only thing that doesn’t work is the brightness bar, which I particularly enjoyed solving through a python script that adjusts it from the shell.

10/10 good rebound Ubuntu. I am married to you now.


After getting my CISSP, I have been searching for another cert that would compliment my skillset quite well. RHCA? Python? Microsoft? AWS? CISM? CEH?

All those sounded cool, but I am already quite skilled in those areas. If an employer asked me to validate my skills in any of those technologies I would gladly get certified. I love taking tech classes.

One area of business that I dangle with a lot is project management. I visited the Project Management Institution (PMI) with the sole purpose of using my college classes to take the Certified Associate in Project Mangement (CAPM), but as I was tallying up my hours I realized something. Holy shit, I have the 4,500 hours required in project management to take this sucker.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is much like the CISSP in size and scope. It’s a behemoth of a test and requires extensive studying and on the job experience to answer the questions correctly. It’s not a simple memorization test, since all 4 answers to a question can be correct, but they are looking for the best solution. [[If you’re interested in learning more about how to answer these questions, Larry Greenblatt’s Spock vs. Kirk video is tremendously nerdy and helpful at the same time]].

It’s also in my second favorite area of study: Business! I love learning how to make businesses more efficient, and my projects succeed. When there’s a plan, and it’s executed upon, then closes I feel a sense of accomplishment. Much like slaying Onyxia or Ragnaros with my old guildies in World of Warcraft! /turbodork

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I’m hoping the PMP will add some solid business validation to my resume, and lead me to into becoming a grand master at managing projects!

Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) – Short Review

I installed Ubuntu – again. I’ve had a bit of a love affair with Ubuntu since it’s been the only version of Linux I have been able to get working on my laptops since around 2007. Debian seems to make sense to me in the CLI. While I would love to run CentOS, RedHat, or even Arch (which I do in business environments) it just “feels” like my distro.

This time, not so much. My Alienware 13 R3, which I purchased 2 years ago due to having a beautiful OLED screen, is particularly useless on Ubuntu. The brightness does not work. The power options don’t allow for sleep. Graceful shutdowns are not possible. Worst off, they force me to use the filthy Intel Graphics instead of my beautiful GTX1060M.

Googling, editing drivers, and using random tools have yet to solve my issue.

Ubuntu 18.04, I give you a 3/5. That’s an F. I’m sorry. But as a headless server, you function much better. The desktop experience is still not here.

What next? Well I just paid $10 to try out Elementry OS. Or I can just stick with being a Windows junky.